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Meet the Board

The directors of the Boonthamurra Native Title Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC are appointed according to their Descendant Group, so that each Boonthamurra family is represented at board level. They each work tirelessly for their community, in their role as directors as well as in their private lives.

Directors serve on the board for a term of three years. Once their term is up, they are eligible to be reappointed.

Barbara Bond
Rosie Jacobs

Family and Early Life
I was born in 1947 at Quilpie on Ray Station, but mostly grew up in Brisbane so that mum could keep working. I’m Boonthamurra through my mother Rosie Jacobs who was also known as Rosie Dick. Mum’s father was Boonthamurra apical ancestor Dick Ray. Our totem is the kangaroo.

These days, although I now live in Armidale, New South Wales, I still go back to Country to work on cultural heritage matters and make sure our country is being protected. The old fellas, the spirits are out there and when you’re on Country you get that feeling. We are just the caretakers of the country; we are the ones that look after it for the next generation, and then they will look after it for the next lot, and it will just keep on going; it won’t stop. My son Warren has passed on, but his two grandchildren are the next generation.

Professional Life
I’ve had many different jobs over the years, ranging from working as a domestic to being a Post Release Officer in New South Wales prisons, where I helped inmates access vital services upon their release.  I’ve also taken on various volunteer positions, including with the ‘Community Foot Patrol’ – who make sure people get home after dark – working in a women’s refuge, and as a cultural heritage monitor on Country.

I graduated from the University of New England in Sydney in 2000, being the first Aboriginal law graduate from that university. I remained at the university as an academic, tutoring in law subjects and occasionally Aboriginal studies.

Why Being a Director is Important to Me
I enjoy watching the corporation grow. I’m happy to see the new direction that we are going in as a PBC and I’m happy to be a part of it. My biggest interest is having the young ones involved. I believe it is important to be able to hand down something to the younger generation. I would like to see the PBC handing down cultural awareness to the younger ones and teaching them about Country.

Mark Wallace
Kitty Ray

Family and Early Life
I was born at Cherbourg in 1955 but have spent most of my life in South West Queensland.

My parents were Kitty Ray and George Wallace. Mum was a Boonthamurra woman born at Bellallie Station near Eromanga. She’s descended from our apical ancestor Kangaroo. Dad was a Kullilli man, born at Norley Station near Thargomindah.

I was raised to follow Boonthamurra through my mother and was taught about Boonthamurra Country by my mum and her brothers and sisters. My yurrdi (meat, totem) is the Carpet Snake which comes from Kyabra Creek, an important place on our country. 

My family taught me how to behave properly on Country, and I now teach this to younger generations. For example, we must always talk to the spirits of the Old People when we visit Country to let them know we are there. We should always smoke a creek or waterhole before we fish. We must never harm or eat our totem. We must protect our country, look after it, and not take things like artefacts away. We should ask permission if we are in another person’s country, and we should give others permission to use our country if they are in need.

Professional Life
I’ve worked for Quilpie Shire Council for 19 years, and have been involved in a lot of cultural heritage work on Boonthamurra Country. Other places I’ve worked at include Quilpie Rail, Max Roadworks at Windorah and in the shearing sheds in the Quilpie Area.

Why Being a Director is Important to Me
I’m passionate about looking after Country and going out on Country. Being a Director is important to me because it is a part of managing Boonthamurra interests. In the future I’d like to see our corporation get involved with relevant stakeholders. I’d also like to see a ranger program run by Boonthamurra People being actioned out on Country.

Michael Ray

Biography coming soon.

Shane Hooper

Biography coming soon.

Anthony (‘TJ’) Jacobs
Johnson Jacobs

Family and Early Life
I trace my Boonthamurra connection through my mother, and her father Johnson Jacobs, who was the eldest child of apical ancestor Dick Ray. Dick Ray was born at Mount Margaret and worked on Boonthamurra Country in his early life.

I grew up in Cherbourg with my mother, among other Boonthamurra families like the Dochertys and Speedys. We moved to Cunnamulla when I was a kid, and whilst growing up there we visited Quilpie on school holidays and learnt about our culture.

Professional Life
I have work experience with earth-moving and I previously worked with Telstra for 8 years. I currently work as an Indigenous mentor at Cherbourg, where I currently live. I’ve also undertaken work on Country, like cultural heritage monitoring, clearing, and grading.

Why Being a Director is Important to Me
I’m passionate about the preservation of traditional land. As a director I focus on generating work on Country for younger generations. I’d like to see more on-country trips that revolve around culture, visiting sites and transferring knowledge. I believe this is important especially for those Boonthamurra People who haven’t been on Country yet.

Clinton Docherty


William Docherty Senior