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Useful Websites

National Native Title Tribunal –

Visit the NNTT website to:

  • Search the National Native Title Register for registered native title claims
  • Search the Indigenous Land Use Agreement (‘ILUA’) Register for a record of all ILUAs that have been registered with a certain party or in a certain area.
  • Access maps of each state of Australia that show all registered native title claims and determinations in that area, as well as mining tenements and local government areas (via ‘Native Title Vision’).
  • Find information about native title, future acts and ILUAs.  

Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) –

Visit ORIC’s website to: 

  • Access your PBC’s Rule Book, contact details, list of members and Annual Reports (via the ‘Find a Corporation’ search box).
  • Find information about the rules and governance requirements that apply to Aboriginal corporations.
  • Find out how you can access services such as dispute resolution or governance training. 

Queensland South Native Title Services –

Visit QSNTS’s website to: 

  • Find information on services offered by QSNTS.
  • Access information about native title and the claims process.  
  • Check for notifications of Authorisation Meetings (Public Notices).
  • View news, media releases or publications by QSNTS. 

Forms and Documents

Boonthamurra PBC’s Rule Book – click here

View the PBC’s Rule Book to find information about: 

  • The objectives of the PBC.
  • The number, appointment, terms and removal of PBC directors. 
  • Directors’ meetings. 
  • How the directors make decisions. 
  • Members’ meetings (AGMs and SGMs). 
  • How the members of the PBC make decisions at members’ meetings. 
  • Members’ rights. 

Flow Chart: Process for Making Native Title Decisions – click here

This is the process that the Boonthamurra PBC must follow, when making decisions about things such as: 

  • Entering into ILUAs.
  • Signing off on agreements with mining companies.

Form: Membership Application – click here

You can apply to become a member of the PBC if: 

  • You are a Boonthamurra Person; and
  • You are 18 years-old, or older.

Form: Consent to Become a Director – click here

You will need to fill this form out if: 

  • You are a member of the Boonthamurra PBC; and
  • You want to run to be appointed as a director at an upcoming AGM. 

Form: Boonthamurra Employment and Skills Profile – click here 

  1. Purpose – Map the skills and experience of the Boonthamurra Traditional Owner group; and
  2. Why – The information gathered will enable the Boonthamurra People to connect with local employment, training and economic activities including the creation of potential local businesses.