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2019 Boonthamurra People’s Summit Round-Up: Testimonials and Feedback

In September 2019, the Boonthamurra PBC held the inaugural Boonthamurra People’s Summit as the first step in our ‘Mapping Resources to Manage Country’ project, which aims to identify all the resources available to the Boonthamurra People and combine this information to develop a practical plan for our future. This project is funded by a $96,000 grant from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet as part of the Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

The Summit aimed to bring our people together and enable their voices to be heard. During this two-day event, we canvassed the three key activities within the project – cultural mapping, a skills audit, and a stakeholder engagement plan -and welcomed opinions, concerns and goals of the Boonthamurra People.

Some of the feedback we received from the Summit can be viewed below:

Barbara Olsen

“I felt comfortable at this meeting and all of our meetings, it’s great meeting up with the rest of the tribe. I felt a whole lot better about the native title determination and to have a good relationship with pastoralist and mining companies. Now, we have a good idea of how to go about using our native title rights. I would very much like to be a part of the Board’s activities and to know what’s going on.”

Madison and Dennis Speedy

“We didn’t know much about the Summit until we travelled out here, but we wanted to attend to become a member, to help our Boonthamurra tribe and become a leader for our next generation. We think the Summit went well because it was an opportunity to learn and understand our native title rights.”


James Speedy

“It was good to see more people come on board. I would recommend a summit like to this neighbouring groups because the meeting and greeting of new family members was interesting, and each local Aboriginal land council should get involved. It’s good for all mobs to get together.”


Alexis Speedy

“The meeting was good because we need information. It was interesting and we need more meeting opportunities like this Summit. A highlight for me was meeting the family, both new and old members.”


Michael Ray

“This Summit meant a lot to the Boonthamurra People and our families. It was good to be bringing our younger generations to step up to the plate to take over and make our culture strong, and keep going in the right direction, learning from our Elders and seeing the progress in history as Uncle Mark and Aunty Barb did for the Boonthamurra People. It would be good to see more contributions from the Boonthamurra People and better communication and relationships between families and the Boonthamurra People.”

If you have more feedback for us or would like to talk about the ‘Mapping Resources to Manage Country’ project, please contact us.